Never Miss An Appointment Again

Set an appointment (date and time) and share in 1-Click with each other in under a minute with automatic reminders. No calendars needed.

Easy app to make an appointment that it is automatically shared with another without the need of complicated calendars

Demetris Demetriou

I add and share the appointments with my clients in under a min so we both have reminders.

Angelos Georgiou

Extremely useful application to easily and quickly have appointments made between friends, professionals and more

Marinos Georgiades

Εξαιρετικό, πάντα ξέχανα το ραντεβού μου. Τώρα τα βάζει ο φυσιοθεραπευτής μου στο τηλέφωνο του

Sofia Demetriou

Мой врач тоже использует это приложение и я больше не пропускаю свои приемы. Очень удобно и просто!

Evgeniya Bystrykh

Great application, Very useful and user friendly . Highly appreciated and highly recommended.

Ammar Younas

Search and Find

Find individuals and companies by name, nickname, email, phone. Non members automatically invited

Book Appointments

Add date, time and share it with 1-Click in under a minute. Automatically shown in both members’ Apps


Reminders and Notifications are set automatically so you never miss an appointment again

Easy, Secure & Private

No Phone Permissions Required. No private information is shown for individuals, just name, nickname

User Experience

See Recent, Frequent and Canceled Appointments. Company and Industry Lists

User Details

Add personal photo or company logo. For companies & professionals, show your contact info & address


People, just like us, who forget their appointments, don’t have time or know how to use complicated calenders or just need an easy to use, quick app to set a meeting or get together reminder with a friend
1. No complicated steps required
2. No knowledge of calendars and sharing required


Set an appointment with your client in under a minute and let the app automatically create it on the client’s App and remind the client when the appointment is . No more missed appointments, phone calls or paper card reminders.
1. Any type of Company
2. Doctors, bankers, agents, consultants and other professionals

NEVER MISS AN APPOINTMENT AGAIN. Create an Appointment and Share it to another member (individuals, companies) in under a minute. Appointment shown in both members App with automatic reminders. -

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